People reactions

According to the online magazine Inside Marketing, after the breaking out of Cambridge Analytica scandal, lots of Italians weren’t aware on Facebook Terms And Conditions. They completely ignored that Facebook was used (and is used) selling their accounts data to external companies for commercial purposes. 80% of interviewed people didn’t know the fact Facebook earnings come from the sales of users interactions.

Once they became aware of the data selling, the 54% of those people said they would have not open a Facebook account if they had known it.

Outside Italy too, many people have been indignant about Facebook unability to stop the forbidden acquisition of data, so that many of them organised the #Faceblock on the 11th of April, 2018, a day to boycott every app and social connected with Facebook, to protest against Facebook involvement in Cambridge Analytica Buisness. They decided the 11th of April because it was the Zuckerberg’s audition day in front of the US Congress to answer questions about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.



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