Michal Kosinski

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Michal Kosinski

Assistant Professor at Stanford University (Graduate School of Business) studying the psychological differences between people, he hold a doctorate in Psychology from the University of Cambridge and master’s degrees in Psychometrics and in Social Psychology. Kosinski was Deputy Director of the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, a researcher at Microsoft Research, and a post-doctoral scholar at Stanford’s Computer Science Department.

We are talking about Kosinski because he, with another Cambridge University researcher (David Stillwell), built an app for Facebook called myPersonality. The purpose of this app was to studying and quantifying people personality with Psychometric techniques. Making some questions to users, looking at their likes to Facebook pages, shared posts or captions they were able to create psychological profiles of people. Indeed, now, Kosinksi is one of the most important expert of behavioural microtargeting, a marketing system creating custom advs for every single user. Michal Kosinski, although he’s not direclty involved in the scandal we are telling you, is important because all his psychological studies and the algorithm he developed were used by Cambridge Analytica.

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