The Project

Hello everyone, that’s our project.
First of all let’s start with the introductions. We are Tatiana, Valeria and Fabiola. We are three students of Turin University. At Interactive Storytelling and Art lectures, we start thinking about this project. Actually it was a nice idea of our teacher Daniela Calisi and we decided to develop it.

Now we can start talking about the real content of the project. We called it Cambridge Analytica Storyline because our purpose is to focus on all the phases of the gate, but also on the technologies that allowed Cambridge Analytica to acquire users data and use them in order to understand people political orientation.

We start explaing the key concepts of the story: big data meaning, social network, login with Facebook and psychometrics.

Then, we are going to tell you the story of Cambridge Analytica. In order to do this we need to go back in the history and start talking about Aleksandr Kogan and his creation: thisisyourdigitallife app.

At the end we are going to deal the story of Cambridge Analytica, how this software started to use people data and why they are suspected of influencing political orientations. They did not work only for USA President Elections but they were hired also for Brexit referendum.

This is a very disquieting story all the people should know. Our purpose is to spread it.

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